Security Services

SKSPL guarding security officers are trained to the very highest standards, including appropriate health and safety instruction and we go to great lengths to provide you with the staff whose skills best complement your business.

all officers work under the careful direction of local management who understand your individual and business security requirements. We encourage our officres to interact with customers to provide a personalized service. This is particularly relevant in public areas such as shopping malls, hospitals, industries and leisure areas where security guard presence offers peace of mind. All our manned guarding officers are police verified.

For facilities where 24 hour manned guarding is not a requirement, we can offer several other options including mobile patrols or key holding. Our teams work as part of a dedicated 24 hour supervisory service and are fully trained to deal with the unexpected.

In the case of a suspected intrusion, the manned guarding team is trained tp preserve the crime scene and notify both the police and client whilst maintaining a presence on the site until we are satisfied that the property is secured.

Our 24 hour supervisory service also provides a key holding service working to the agreed board guard standards. We ensure that a member of our manned guarding team is on your premises within 30 minutes of alarm notification.


  • Honesty: Bouncers must be trusted by their employer not allow underage people into the club, or to let someone who is getting out of control stay on premises.
  • Observation  Skills: Bouncers need to be on the lookout for trouble, be able to see false identification, and generally be aware of their surroundings.
  • Strength: If a physical altercation happens, bouncers need to be able to break up flights and physically eject people from the building or restain them until the police can arrive.
  • Communication: Bouncers often work the door and must talk to people, ask for ID and take cover charge, In ddition, they will need to talk to unruly patrons and possibly communicate with police if an  altercation happens.
  • Decision Making: Bouncers need to be able to determine what to do quickly before a situation gets out of control.