Horticulture Services

Beautiful garden in the business premises/ factory premises/ housing colonies dictate the quality of life enjoyed by human beings.   The greenish touch helps to enhance physical & mental health of the inmates. We undertake garden maintenance services as per requirement. Maintenance of lawn including watering removing weeds and cutting of the grass. Earth work excavation of pits for planting various types of plants. Maintenance of rose garden, potted plants, shrubs & shrubberies including watering, periodic loosening of soil around the roots of plants and shrubs and putting manure for healthy growth of plants.


  • Enhancing the look of your facility/office premises.
  • Sourcing the right sort of plants that will keep your environment clean, healthy & beautiful.
  • Cross traning personnel to handle the upkeep of indoor potted plants along with providing housekeeping services.
  • Professional landscape design services, master planning, site & feasibility analysis, resource management.
  • Services including soil, terrain &water testing.
  • Shrub trimming, lawn mowing, flowerbed care, controlling pesticide spraying & fertilizer usage.