Placement & Payroll Outsourcing Services


SKSPL Interim specializes in executive placement at the highest level. We find outstanding senior executives to provide immediate short-term injections of management skills, which in the long-term add value to your business. As a leading global executive search firm, we have an unrivalled reach amongst senior executives, including those who prefer to use their experience on an interim executives whose experiences cover all disciplines and a wide spectrum of businesses.

We have an excellent consulting team with members who have board level and senior management experience, both as permanent and interim, in a wide variety of business sectors and disciplines. Our interim executives have all been rigorously vetted, which enables us to respond to executives placement needs quickly, and to ensure a match in terms of corporate culture, ethos and personal chemistry.

Our experience in providing interim executives is supported by

  • Detailed understanding of every client’s business and culture.
  • Proven methodology for matching the right executives to each assignment.
  • Pool of quality interim executives.
  • A close working relationship with our clients throughout each assignment.


Contract Staffing services:

Human Resources Augmentation / Temporary Staffing / Contract Staffing.

Human Resources Augmentation or subcontracting or temporary staffing or contract staffing, is primarily outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people, or there is a requirement of skilled staff, or the requirement is for a limited period.

Here typically we not only execute talent search and pre-selection activities but we are also responsible for post-selection and post-joining process where by a candidate works for the client but he is on payroll of SKSPL.

It is viewed as a means to cut down cost, leverage on skilled Indian talent and at times end up becoming launch pad to setting up Indian subsidiary. ODC is popular mainly in IT and Engineering sectors.

We offer dedicated offshore teams that are appointed specially as per the clients requiremts. This works as virtual extension to clients in-house staff that understands clients business needs and action plans.

Advantages of HR Augmentation especially of ODC to International clients:

  • IT is a launch pad to clients subsidiary in India. There is an option to Transfer manpower on client payroll.
  • Global Talent: Quality Resources and focused core competency.
  • Cultural compatibility and command over language and Political Stability.
  • Lower Training Cost: Availability of experienced personal saves on the training cost.
  • Competitive Charges: Healthy project pipeline management ensures competitive rates.
  • Flexibility: Enhance or reduce your team size on our payroll without effecting your employee statistics.
  • Zero Infrastructure Cost: No investment in office, furniture, PC, AC etc.
  • Zero Operating Cost: No cost for talent acquisition team, consultants, advertisement or job portals.
  • Zero administration Cost: Save on staff costs like healthcare, insurance, taxes, retirement benefits etc.
  • Freedom from payroll processing: No payroll processing or year end tax documentation.
  • Legal Cost: No investment in adhering to legal requirement related to labour laws etc.