Service offerings by our companies

The group of companies, SKSPL, has range of service to offer to our customers and provide with end to end solutions to fulfil their requirements.

Facility Management Services

Manpower and Staffing, Mechanised housekeeping, Cleaning services, Security, Quick Response Team, Work place services, Event management.

Transportation and Mobility

Bus Leasing Services, Vehicle maintenance and diagnostics, speed management, Health and safety management, configurable reporting.

Logistics Management

Warehousing – Dedicated and Standalone, in plant logistics, packing and packaging, E-1 sales management, logistics services.

Solid Waste Mangement

Collection and Trasnportation of MSW, Road Sweeping and Drainage silt collection, Mechanised composting, Scientific Capping, Plastic Waste to Granules

Skill Development

Leading certified organisation which provides apprenticeship program with job training program to enhance employability of person.

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Through our group of companies, we offer our services to various industries. Our services offerings are capable of covering main industries of the market and help our clientele achieve great success by fulfilling their requirements.


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