Welcome to SKSPL Services Pvt. Ltd.

It’s our Pleasure to introduce SHRI KRUPA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (SKSPL FACILITIES) in India we are engaged in various types of services like Manpower Supply Skilled/Semiskilled & unskilled category, Security Services, Mechanized Cleaning, Landscaping, Gardening, Engineering services, Turn key projects, Service Apartments, Guesthouse Management.

We have our operations Maharashtra/Goa/Gujarat & Karnataka.

Outsourcing of work is not only an IT industry process but is also prevalent on a large scale in other industrial sector. The concept of “core competence” in management is gradually being adapted by all Indian industries. Therefore, any process or job that does not fit into the core activity of a company is outsourced to a professional agency.

SKSPL understands the need of Indian industry and their quest for professionals who can become strategic partners to facilitate in a certain areas of business. Services such as Housekeeping, Security, Manpower supply, Garden Maintenance, job contracting, Logistics etc.are some of crucial areas of medium and large scale industries.

At the same time, these tasks require practiced and skilled professionals so that work is up to the quality standards. Our objective is “Increased productivity with Reduced Cost while maintaining efficiency and Quality Standards.”

We SHRI KRUPA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED are synonymous with all our mentioned services; we offer whole gamut of services in terms of product, quality, services, audits and support to our clients- in a nutshell all services under a single roof.